Lucky Thirteen

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Lucky Dog

Today is Carlos’ birthday. Still frisky(at times), loyal, and, at times, annoying-this guy is thirteen years old. So, I asked him(me being the dog whisperer), What would you like for your birthday ‘Los?

And this is what he requested:

Forget the material goodies, dawg. I’ve got bouncy balls, squeaky pork chops, stuffed animal nests all about the house and yards. At my age, I dig consumable gifts. How about you fetch Tanner, my best buddy, BBQ beef back ribs with all the fixins’, and Monday Night Football in the man-cave~~~just the boys? 

All right dawg, you got it!

After the game, beggin’ for a Niners win, we’ll have a sleep-over. Move over Hali, it’s gonna be a three dawg night.


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