Lucky Snake

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Last week I had a dream about Carli’s 6th grade teacher, Mr. Snook. I don’t know why, I just did. So I went fumbling through our bookshelves looking for that little book Carli wrote back in 2004 about a Lucky Snake.

The story is set in this park on a quiet trail along the Tualatin River. Carli and I often walk Carlos here amongst the foxgloves and wild berries and it is always a lucky day when we spot a snake sunning itself in the summer sun.

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Lucky Dog

This hard bound book was the first published piece of Pope writing since Woody wrote a simple but clever little piece in Readers Digest many years ago. That was a short story about a lucky slug and a not so lucky dog. If I remember correctly, the editor submitted it in the joke section.

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Lucky Snake

Here is the opening hook from Carli as she introduces her book~~~

This is a story about a snake named Janu. Janu decided to go out and bask in the pleasant weather for the day but he did not realize how difficult it was. Trying to protect himself from predators such as beavers, hawks, and coyotes was a challenge. However, just by chance, a little girl straying from the trail is not a threat. Discover why Janu is a Lucky Snake~~~

Mr. Snook’s review~~~

Carli’s happy~go~lucky nature shows in her knack for daring Janu to solve it’s predatory problems instinctually. Her illustrations are brilliant!!! Lucky Snook!!

I’m now thinking about subscribing my blogs with her Publishing House~~~

Cheesy Cheddar Publishing

And for further enjoyment~~~

Life of a Trampoline

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Lucky Girl


Life of a Trampoline


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