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Hali has been playing Oregon’s Megabucks Lottery for over 10 years. It’s one of those things that even when we travel, we have a designated gambler assigned to this small chore. In other words, if we’re out of town Hali’s assistant walks to the sandwich shop, gets a sandwich, and buys Hali this little chance to win BIG MONEY!

It’s $25 for eight weeks of 26 drawings. So a fairly small investment and we have no desire to go to Vegas or any of the tribal casinos in Oregon at what is essentially a few dollars per week. At the same time we’re also investing in our state because Oregon Lottery~It Does Good Things~ Like:

  • Invests in job/educational programs
  • Invests in State Parks
  • Invests in watershed projects
  • Invests as community supporters


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One time we had thought we won BIG MONEY when the guy selling sandwiches and lottery tickets told us we’d need to drive to Salem to claim our prize. That time, a whopping $1200.

With the exception of a several throw in, free tickets(matching 3 of 6 numbers) this was our next biggest jackpot~$46.20. Woohoo~BIG MONEY!!

Where’s it go?—> In the vault.

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