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Hali has been going through boxes of letters that span four generations. There are letters from her grandfather sent home from the battlefields of the first division during World War 1~ the Great War. Her father was famous for his letters home. Hali and I exchanged letters throughout the late ’70’s and ’80’s while she was in Samoa and as an exchange student in Sweden. The students we hosted wrote us letters. Carli always writes, though brief, letters. Letters here. Letters there. Letters everywhere!!!

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Letters! Letters!! Letters!!!

Who writes letters anymore? I do, though less frequently. Thank You’s, always. Postcards, weekly. Letter writing has become a lost art and they need to be taken care of. That’s why Hali has been meticulously sorting these letters, and will be storing these in damp proof containers. Hey cool, sorting and storing? Same letters, different verb. An anagram.

How about journals? What do we do with these? Both Hali and I kept journals in high school and college, but not so much anymore. Mostly only when traveling; my journal is always packed. I consider my journal as my wind down, my mind meditation before bed and a long day ahead on the road. So these will also be sorted and stored along with the letters.

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And even though our letter writing and journal keeping has waned in recent years, we now use a new writing tool for archiving our lives ~~~our blogs.

Perhaps these letters, journals, and blogs will amuse us in our elder years and hopefully the next generation.

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