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Last week I touched on how I’m connecting counties across America while on my summer road tour. Here I am, a bit stalled just outside of Chicago trying to buy time before headin’ west. I was so excited to get invited to the Eyes in the the Sky Festival in Du Page County, Illinois. This was my first hot air balloon festival and I wasn’t going to miss this awesome photo opportunity.


The balloon fest was a total bust when I heard that on the final day of the festival (the only day I could attend) the FAA grounded the balloons due to “weather”. What weather? Bunch of airheads. It was a beautiful summer day with barely a cloud in the sky and just enough wind to whiff platters of garlic chips wafting through the food stalls. Those darn cheeseheads from Wisconsin and their limburger burgers. Anyone smelled limburger cheese?  My god, who eats these? Oh yeah, there was a Bears fan paying off a bet. There’s a reason they call it “stinky”. So much for my fantastic photo op.


Oh well, that’s okay because Big Head Todd was the headliner on the Big Balloon Stage and I wasn’t going to miss Todd, or his head. I’ve heard of this guy but have never seen him live and in person.

The crowd was just settling in and a smattering of applause went up just as Big Head Todd ran onto the stage. What head? It wasn’t THAT big. It sure was small enough to put a normal sized hat on. Remember, this is my zoom lens so Todd’s Big Head may appear bigger than the average head. What do you think?


His roadies had big hair, but Todd? Sorry buddy, I’ve seen some big heads before but I wouldn’t count yours as one.


I couldn’t name of any of his songs but boy, sure was a nice guitar. Lookin’ good Todd. The interesting thing was that the band’s percussionist is a stand-up drummer and had a head WAY bigger than Todd’s. It then occurred to me that the guy playing the guitar wasn’t even Todd. I’ve been duped!

Anyway, I listened to the first set before heading out. A migraine was coming on. It wasn’t the music, it was the food.P1020636

Anyone know of hot air balloon festival as I head west this fall?

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