Long Time No See, Craigslist

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Carli’s roommates found this sofa on Craigslist last year. They just moved out last week but left the couch. Thankfully, they took the cats too. It’s a nice enough sofa, Carlos likes it, so did the cats. Unfortunately, Carli and I are both allergic to cats. The couch HAS to go! Sorry Carlos.

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While revisiting Craigslist to post and ad, I noticed I must have set a record for longest spell without posting a Craigslist ad within the past three years. A whopping four months without a Craigslist deal. The last ad I posted was for some crap scrap metal back at Lori’s in Grover Beach. Seems like so long ago.


Plastic “Curb Alert” Tree

In any case, a couple guys were here before noon Sunday to pick it up. It wasn’t too heavy so it just took the two of them to get it out the door. They were happy with their “new” couch, we were happy to have it gone, along with the included cat dander.

By the way, notice our two plastic Christmas trees in both photos. One we acquired FREE on Craiglist. The other we picked up from a curb alert. Craigslist, I missed you.

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