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O Canada! How does that song go. . .?

Used to be Maine was the Toothpick Capital of the World until that factory shut down ten years ago. Move over Maine, Minnesota is now King o’ Toothpicks. And believe you me*, there’s plenty of sticks up here to make gazillions o’ toothpicks.

With sticks aplenty, when it comes to cookin’, these Minnesotans put anything on them. At the Blueberry Festival in Ely I had a pork chop on-a-stick, an ear of corn on-a-stick, wild rice sausage on-a-stick, a blueberry on-a-tiny-toothpick, and even saw gator on-a-stick. I reckon it wasn’t alligator but walleye on-a-stick as there ain’t no gators in these parts.

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Anything On-A-Stick

Up here even the locals forecast the weather with sticks. This here is a weather stick…

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Weather Stick

My cousin is a Minnesotan not a meteorologist but he assures me that this “forecaster” is most accurate when the branch is cut from the balsam tree at midnight on a full moon. Just nail the stick down on a tree or to your porch. If the stick points up, fair weather. Points down, foul weather.

Whether or not I trust my cousin or this here stick, I got a new one anyhow. My old one is broke. Figure I can delete that fancy weather app from my phone now. Well, maybe I’ll wait ’til winter.

* proper English for the folks up here.

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