Like Mother, Like Son?

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I must be getting old. Sure, there are great rides in Disney’s four kingdom World but (like my 76 year old mother) it’s the shows I enjoy most. And Disney knows not only how to put on a good show, but how to move thousands of people, young and old, in and out of those theaters quickly and efficiently.

Take for instance the NEMO show at Animal Kingdom. This is a live musical performed with puppets. No, not some silly puppets-on-string Pinnochio sing-along, but a real broadway-type Disney production. It blew me away. My mother was talking about it for days.

From here we went to the long running Lion King show. You think America’s got talent? Go see this show. Disney has talent. Disney has imagination. Disney is original. Disney is, plain and simple…FUN!

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Say Fishies

The Aladdin show back in California Adventure is a favorite of mine and may well be worth the $100 park admission price alone. This musical is performed five times daily, every day of the year, rain or shine. Then you have the rest of the day to enjoy the rides, if you so wish. Me, I think I’ll wait in line for the 7pm Aladdin show. Why? Because it’s FUN!!

Even for an old crotchety guy like me. What the heck, I was following my mom around kingdom come for five days.

Thanks Disney for making me young again. My mom? She just turned 67. How?

Disney Magic.

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