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Brevard Zoo is in Brevard County in Melbourne, Florida. I didn’t even know there was a zoo out that way. We were at the beach just a week ago, and boy, I’ll tell you, these smart phones we carry around are smarter than you might think. A week after our stay in Melbourne, I started getting Visit Brevard Zoo pop-up ads. Someone knows that we’re adventure seekers exploring Florida on a tankful. Let’s Do The Zoo!

Brevard Zoo

So I click on the link and was happy to find out that this zoo is one of the best in Florida. But what looked most adventuresome was that this is the only zoo in North America to offer a kayak paddle through the back swamp of its animal enclosures. A real kayak expedition!

Included in the $28 zoo admission price was the hour-long guided river paddle, lunch with the giraffes, and feeding the lorikeets. Plus, FREE Parking! Parking alone at Disney’s Animal Kingdom is $25. Hold onto your hats and glasses folks, we’re going on a Florida photo safari!

Adventure Seekers

Follow us into the Indian River Lagoon. It’s time to gear up for our paddle. We’ll let our guide do the talking, I’ll paddle, Hali will shoot the animals, and you can enjoy these photos as they do the rest of the talking. . .

Lunch With The Giraffes

Next stop, it’s feeding time at the giraffe corral. . .

Feed The Birds

This aviary might well be the best hands-on exhibit of any zoo we’ve been to. Take a look. . .

With its tropical climate, Florida is a haven for a variety of birds. Migratory birds fly through, many of these birds are native, some, like the eagles, should not be in captivity. This bald eagle is not only very bald, he no longer has an eagle eye, and a wing is mangled. So the zoo is his permanent home.

Flamingos have been considered a non-native, invasive species in Florida for much of the last century. They were totally wiped out by hunting for their feathers to adorn fancy hats in the late 1800’s. Today, most of those found in Florida today are captive.

A Flock of Fancy Hats

Finally, here are a couple zoo denizens we have never encountered. Native to Australia. . .

That’s it, our field trip to the zoo. An adventure from alligator to zebra. As life-long students of the great outdoors, this experience to learn about these creatures combined with the behind-the-screens river paddle was most rewarding: the Florida facts about the flamingos, the one-eyed eagle, the Australian natives. And you know what? Pigeons can be pretty too.

More importantly, we became aware of the Golden Rule while paddling the Indian River Lagoon ~ If you lose your paddle, don’t try to fetch it.~ These guys ARE native to Florida~~~

Now here is a fun fact for you.. . What do you call a group of giraffes? A TOWER!

Well done, you were paying attention. Thanks for following, and Thank You smart phone for inviting us to the Brevard Zoo.

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      Yeah, a couple firsts for us. I just can’t let Hali’s photos lay idle in our photo catalogue. Like I said in the post, let the photos do the talking.


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