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I’ve always considered myself a green thumb. My houseplants flourish. Our garden beds make great centerpieces whether in a vase or salad bowl. But when we decided to sell our “things“, that meant our beloved houseplants and garden pots needed to find new homes. Many of them we’ve nurtured decades and most of them are probably thriving in their new homes-We’re hoping.

The one tiny delicate plant we kept and now is our travel mascot is Lucky. This clover was given to Hali’s dad back in the 50’s when he was a student teacher. We’ve tended to it for over twenty years and over the course brought it back from the brink of the yard debris bin several times including this past summer while on our road trip.


We were two weeks into our trip and one of only two campers in this particular campground in Central Oregon. Typically when we make camp we set out Lucky on the picnic table to enjoy the great outdoors. This time was no different. Except the dang chipmunk got past our guard dog and ravaged the tender clover leaves.

P1010061 2

All that was left was the leafless straggly stems and a couple nibbled flowers. Lucky wasn’t so lucky here at campsite #44. But Wait! Hali and I crossed our green thumbs together, said a little prayer, and vowed to bring Lucky back to it’s leafy life once again. All while recuperating on the road.



Well, we’ve been off the road for over a month and thanks to this coastal weather Lucky has come back to its former clover self. Lucky is happy. We’re happy Lucky is happy. So happy that Lucky has propagated a new clover. We call him Wally Clover. He swings in his macrame cradle from a spar of the van and we lullaby him with our music compilation.


Wally Clover

He perks up when Tommy James and the Shondells sing Crimson and Clover. Must be the backseat bass beat.



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