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To Hali’s best knowledge, she has never stepped a dirty sock into a laundromat. That changed last week. Two months on the road, headed back to San Luis Obispo to see Grandma Sue and catch up on laundry, Hali spent three hours at a laundromat for the first time.

sweat-shirt weather

Grandma Sue

There must be a stigma attached to the people hanging around the local launderRAMA. Is it these people can’t afford a washer and dryer? No. Is it the FREE Wi-Fi? I don’t think so. Is it the soft hum of the machines that attract people to this place? No. Hali found that the few people in there were through travelers and they all had something in common more than just travel stories-dirty laundry.

Expecting to do some reading and taking advantage of the FREE Wi-Fi, instead she gabbed the whole time with other through travelers catching up on their own travel weary dirty laundry.


The Launderosa

Hali laundered the down comforters which require extra care when drying, a task the attendant helped Hali with.

Met a gal from Minnesota traveling with her dog in her pickup truck on $1000 a month. Then three was the mother who just dropped off her son in college and will be the last time she does his laundry until he comes home on holiday break.

While folding clothes, the attendant confessed to Hali that she had never seen anyone take a photo of the machines in the Launderosa. There you have it, more dirty laundry.

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