The Windy City

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Chicago is one of those cities that has it all. There’s something here for everyone. There’s even beaches, albeit concrete, on Lake Michigan for those of us missing the waves on either coasts, many miles away.

If you’re into history, Chicago is the historical center of the mid-west: the Great Fire, labor unions, the Natural History Museum, Al Capone, the 1968 Democratic National Convention, the ’85 Bears. It’s even the 1926 starting point of Main Street America, otherwise known as Route 66.


The catastrophe of the Great Fire of 1871 left behind a huge blank canvas of downtown Chicago that attracted some of the world’s greatest architects to show off their craft. For the architecture addict, there’s the famous Chicago skyline, home of Frank Lloyd Wright, the Wrigley  Building, and the impossibly ugly Soldier Field. Plus, later we will take you on a walking tour of the marvel of the newly created Lagunitas Brewery in an old steel manufacturing plant that once provided the Chicago skyline steel.


You can keep any kid busy in Chicago. There are couple world-class zoos, an aquarium, LEGOLAND, and the American Girl Doll Company store. For the artsy type, Chicago has several children themed museums including The Art of Dr. Seuss Gallery.


Summertime is the best time to visit for the outdoor festivals down by the lake or Navy Pier. No one should miss the world’s largest fountain “of its type”- Buckingham Fountain in Grant Park. For the BBQ buff, there’s the Weber store.


P1020380_2You can find deep dish pizza on every street corner. Blues bars open up every night. AND when the Cubs are in first place going into the *All-Star Game*, Wrigley Field is the place to be. Just don’t jinx them now.P1020535_2

Having spent a portion of our honeymoon in Chicago in 1984, the Summer of 2000, and many other visits, we’ve kind of seen it all. Except for a historic Catholic cemetery up on the north shore and a brewery downtown. Yes, I’ve even taken Carli out to breakfast with her Kirsten Larson doll at the American Girl Diner.


We’ll visit the one square mile Calvary Cemetery first. AND like everyone we ran into here, we’ll break the rules. No Pets! I stood outside the gate for fifteen minutes before I realized everyone inside the gates were either dead or had a dog or two. Let’s go! Hmmm. . . Sadville?



P1020434A lot of Irish men, women, and children are buried here. P1020437I think the O’Briens take up a city block, there are a mile of Murphy’s, and an entire lot of O’Malley’s

P1020611This guy, Cuneo, built this small church over him and his wife. I know Carlos can’t go in there ~ he might bring out a bone. Reminds me of the time we took Carli to visit the tombs of the Popes under St. Peter’s Basilica at the Vatican. While wondering around the mostly marble crypts she asked, “Are people actually buried down here?” I told her, “Yes, many of the Pope’s are here.” And she replied back, “Is that why it smells so bad?”


P1020428Okay, I’m dying here and Carlos is getting thirsty, let’s go get a beer. Wait just a minute! I’m getting a bit long-winded, word count is well beyond 500, so we’ll take the beer tour on our next weekly newsletter (Sunday).

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