KOA (Kampers of America)

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It’s been a while since I stayed at one of these. This place has it all! Water, electric, a pool, a two foot wide creek, showers, horse shoes, a grassy off-leash dog park(KAMP K9) about the size of a Great Dane(there’s even a shovel just in case your dog will poop in the pocket-sized patch), fuel, Wi-Fi. Way too many amenities to list.


I can see why the place is packed. Heck, I needed an adaptor for my “RV” so I took the dog on the half mile walk to Fred Meyer. On the way we passed a McDonald’s, a Subway, and an Arby’s. Dang! I was craving Taco Bell.

It’s true, it’s like we’re camping in the city without the campfire. I’m not complaining, after spending three nights in the middle of nowhere it’s kinda good to be in the middle of somewhere. And for $36, its a bargain! All our gadgets are juicing up, our blogs are ready to publish, and I’m suiting up for a dip in the pool.


After dinner, I’m thinkin’ Subway, I can restock our snacks and supplies at the “camp store”(essentially a 7-11 without the slurpee machines). I need a lighter, some postcards, lip balm, and a snickers bar. Fred Meyer didn’t have block ice, the camp store did. I might even buy a newspaper- The Klamath Falls Tidings. Nah, no news is good news. Let’s keep it that way.

The good news is that tomorrow, after nearly three weeks, we’ll be crossing into California and we’ve got tinder for the next campground, the Oregon AAA road map.

And if the KOA if wants to spell campers with a K, that’s A-OK by me.

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