Keep Poland Weird???

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By Woody Pope

Walking the dog through my NEW neighborhood, I saw a bumper sticker that read, KEEP POLAND WEIRD.

Yeah, we’ve all seen the KEEP PORTLAND WEIRD, the KEEP PORTLAND BEERED/BEARD, the KEEP PORTLAND WIRED, and the occasional KEEP AUSTIN WEIRD?? bumper stickers in town, but KEEP POLAND WEIRD?
I’m beginning to think this is a WEIRD neighborhood.

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The travel bug is contagious. I caught it in 1985 while traveling with Hali on a three month backpacking trip through Western Europe. Having a passion for geography, local history & culture, and with a journal in my back pocket, I hope to share our experiences through this blog – whether traveling the well worn rail, or off the beaten trail.

2 thoughts on “Keep Poland Weird???

  1. Jayne Freshour

    Hi Woody!
    Glad you got the joke – Portland’s old weird, Poland is the NEW weird. Is your new neighborhood somewhere in Portland? Whereabouts?

    Appreciate your mentioning my sneaky-silly stickers on Passports and Postcards. Check out the website –

    Jayne F., Northeast Portland OR

    1. Woody Post author

      Hi Jayne,
      Yes, we were at that time living in NE Portland near Grant Park. Thought the sticker so amusing my wife had purchased a few at ReRun as office gifts. Since then we have traveled around a bit, improved the blogposts, and are now in Florida getting our daughter moved. Thanks for the Keeping Poland Weird.



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