Just Because We can

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This is one of my favorite photos of our trip so far. It was early on. I think the name of the post was, in the middle of nowhere. This is me and Carlos in the middle of the road, in the middle of Oregon, in the middle of June, in the middle of nowhere.

I remember camping along the river we were about to cross. There was one other camp site taken. It was quiet and if I remember (I need to look at the camp journal) the campground was FREE.


I would have paid for the site at the normal overnight rate but it was the quiet beauty, the solitude, the smell of pine, and it was just us. This just doesn’t happen. And we lucked out.

So, as we venture north then west, I’m looking forward to a few more photo shoots of this type. Getting off leash, breaking a few rules, getting lucky, and enjoying the ride. Off the beaten path.

P1010041AND if we make it back to the Northwest, Carlos just might have a new nickname~LUCKY

Kind of rhymes with DONKEY. Well, at least it’s two syllables.

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