Jumping Frog Jubilee

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Hali’s friendship with Mark Twain goes way back, further back than that of Emily for that matter. Back to the 1971 Calaveras County Jumping Frog Jubilee. Well, the man she met there sure looked like Mr. Twain and played the part well as the host of honor, honoring the jumping frogs. Since then Hali only stays current with Mark Twain through Facebook. It’s True! Hali and Mark are friends.

Here’s an interesting Twain tidbit on how Samuel Clemens acquired his pen name. As a young Sam and steamboat pilot on the Mississippi River, he would cry out to the captain, mark twain!, the measurement of two fathoms, as the boat traveled the river.

Columbia Gorge With Emily And Mark

Columbia Gorge With Emily And Mark

Last week Hali was lucky enough to board a similar riverboat and cruise the mighty Columbia River. And though the boat is no longer steam powered nor did she hear the first mate holler up to the bridge mark twain! as they approached the landing, the landscapes are gorgeous along this stretch of the Columbia.

I’m reminded of the nugget of wisdom above the entryway to Paddy’s Palace hostel in Northern Ireland…


Paddy’s Palace Hostel

Coincidental Disneyland fun facts~~~> The Sailing Ship Columbia is docked adjacent to the riverboat Mark Twain in Frontierland and both circle Tom Sawyer Island.

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