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Nothing reminds me more of the beach than the smell of eucalyptus, the sound of seagulls, and the soft sand between my toes. Oh yeah, and salt water taffy. I could spend a week or two here, even without Wi-Fi. The coast is clear here at Jalama Beach in Santa Barbara County.


There’s some kind of throwback feeling I have camping here at Jamala Beach. The way camping on the beach used to be: the unspoiled rolling coastline, an occasional passing Amtrak Surfliner train on its coast-express route, palm trees dotting the beach, quiet gentle surf, beach balls. Hard to believe this slice of coastal Valhalla still exists in California as Thor sits high on the bluff.

This remote part of the California coast is nestled between a US Air Force base and a federal prison. The high chaparral bluffs drop down into the two mile~long sandy beach. The campground offers a dozen wait-listed walk-in sites in which we were number three and lucky enough to get a primo site above the camp and beach below.


The camp store boasts its Famous Jamala Hamburger where some folks take the long winding road out here just to have lunch and watch the surf, and watching surfers surf is better than surfing itself. And that’s coming from the biggest hodad this side of the Pacific.

Roll Call

Jamala Beach~~~The kind of camp we could easily spend a week in, even as a walk-in.

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  1. Gleason

    I’ve always loved that beach. Big time wind, though. Grat for windsurfing, not necessarily for sun bathing. Keep truckin’!


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