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Outsmarting the Box

Outsmarting the Box

It has arrived! The SMARTBOX we loaded up last May back in Portland, destined for storage, then delivered SOMEWHERE, SOMETIME in the future, arrived in Florida yesterday on Carli’s driveway.The box we meticulously loaded in a month took us two hours to unload into the garage.

Funny thing is, is that all the contents survived beautifully. The only problem we had was with the combination lock we provided to hasp close the box. No, we didn’t forget the combination but it wouldn’t have mattered if we did. We still had to break into the box.

Somewhere along the 3200 mile trip a forklift or mover damaged the lock. The dial was bent just enough that it wouldn’t budge loose. With my prybar (and other tools) locked in the box, it rendered useless.

Hello YouTube~~> How to open a Master Lock with a beer can.

Well, that looked time consuming. I’d have to polish off a can of beer before attempting a break in. So I went with good old fashioned bang the hell out of the darn lock method. Easy Peasy, good ole hammer and screwdriver. Just bang the dial off, then bang the hell at the looping lock mechanism. Viola! Winning Combination!!IMG_1146

Inside the door of the box, we had written poster-like graffiti welcoming our “stuff” back to the future. Sort of like a time capsule. Well, it’s not WELL into the future but it’s certainly a new year.

The first thing I dug out from the box was my rubber mallet. An essential tool for putting in wood flooring and one I’ve used for every floor I’ve installed. I had been putting in floors without it and just in the nick of time, before the guestroom floor went in, I had my handy rubber mallet.

Time Capsule

Time Capsule

There you have it, For future reference~~> How a SMARTASS  Outsmarts a SMARTBOX.

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