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A first for a Craigslist sale and her name was Susan…

After setting Hali’s “high end” ironing board out on our neighbors yard sale for $20 then lowering the deal to $10, we brought it back in the house before the rain came. Back to the Craigslist drawing board for the last few things we won’t be storing,  including the ironing board.


Could’ve strapped this board to the top of the van

Susan just so happened to be crafty and came to pick it up the next day. We took ten minutes to show her the functions of this ironing board. She laid a $20 bill on the table and proceeded to monopolize a couple hours of our Sunday morning by talking, talking, talking. Then talking some more.

She talked about her head injury, the blood clot in her spleen, pizza, her craft projects, her iron deficiency, photography, on and on and on. Several times Hali and I did the sly rolled-eye glance at each other as she spouted.

After Hali shooed her out of the house, I carried out the ironing board, loaded it in Susan’s car and she proceeded to talk my ear off at the curb for another 30 minutes. Finally, I politely told her I’d give her the $20 back if she just left.

Reminded me of the guy who gave me a $5 bill for a $2 Green Bay Packers t-shirt just so I would shut up about the history of that shirt, football, pizza, Bret Favre, on and on and on…

How ironic.

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