Internet Limbo

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How liberating is it to cut the cord? Extremely. And many, many people are doing what we just did~turning in their cable boxes. It won’t be long when cable companies are a thing of the past. Too many better, less gouging alternatives.


Friday March 13th we unplugged for good. Next week our TV finds a new living room. That’s okay. We’re already long-time public radio listeners. Despite human nature being very visual, hearing only voices, music, or some of our favorite radio shows, listening builds character. In the least, one becomes a better listener.

You’ve heard it before, “radio personality”. Our favorite personalities arrive in our living room or porch every Saturday and if we miss it, we can catch it Sunday~Prairie Home Companion. As Garrison Keillor’s proudly boasts, “I have the face for radio.”

In the mean time, we are awaiting delivery of our personal mobile hotspot~MiFi. For a fraction the cost of cable internet service, we now have WiFi access anywhere. And by the look of the overflowing cable box return slot at the local Comcast facility we are not trend setters but trend followers.

Guess that’s a good example of looking outside the box.



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