In-Flight Meanderings

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By Woody Pope



By Woody Pope

My sister called a while back and said she thought Mom was lonely. (Please see this update on my Mom here: The Biggest Battle.) I thought that sounded like an opportunity.

Let’s Go See Mom!

So here I am in row 27. I feel good having the aisle seat. I like the aisle seat. And, the middle seat is impossibly empty, on my way to Phoenix. Whoa yea, gimme some elbow room, I’m gonna blog!

What else am I going to do? I’ve done the crossword puzzle, someone beat me to the sudoku. So here it is, my first attempt at FREE inflight Wi-Fi.

First off: Allstate insurance advertisement, way too long.  

Row 27 is way in the back. In the overhead, above my head, the semi-automatic defibrillator and my carry-on sit side by side. Not far from the rear lavatory. Last to deplane. No worry, No hurry.

From this perspective I notice how many dogs are on board. Portland must have had some dog event. How many dogs are allowed on these things?

I Realize I Have Some Pointers On These Economy Flights

The only beverage close to being food – or, dare I say, “meal”, is the spicy tomato juice. Hold the ice and it is even more likely to stick to your ribs. It also compliments the small handful of pretzels or crackers often passed around.

I’m looking forward to the tuna casserole Mom makes.

Blow up pillow? Fifteen minutes to blow it up, for an hour and a half flight? Dude, wake up! We’re about to land in the Grand Canyon State.

Oh wow, there IS a guy driving this thing. He just announced that we’re flying over Bryce Canyon and it’s currently 60°.

Please put your seat to the upright position and your tray table in the locked position.

Welcome to Arizona.

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