I Will Never Forget…

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I woke up fifteen years ago, like I did every day, to the familiar voice of Bob Edwards , host of NPR’s Morning Edition, “An airplane has hit the south tower of the World Trade Center.” My first reaction was, “Boy, someone has made a big mistake.”

As the day unfolded, I learned it was not a mistake at all but an act of terrorism.

The the rest of the day was a blur with the exception of visions of fire, smoke, and lost lives as news unraveled to those of us on the West Coast.

As the sun set that evening, many of my neighbors gathered at the end of the street for a candlelight vigil. Here we were, neighbors, some I had met for the first time, mourning the loss of all our far-away neighbors. A great diversity of neighbors lost. Futures lost.
Today, I will again reflect on the loss of that tragic day. I will also say hello, smile, and chat with my neighbors in my community and remind myself that, in one way or another, we are ALL global neighbors.


…I will never forget September 11, 2001.

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