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I love a parade. I just don’t see the sense in dressing up our pets in silly costumes and parading them around on a short leash.



Cute? Yeah maybe but most of these dogs were not at all thrilled as were the people on the other end of the leash. I believe PEOPLE look better in clothes(as opposed to being naked) than their pets. Apparently I’m in the minority. I recently heard that Americans spend some billions of dollars on their four legged friends  EVERY YEAR for these get-ups. We happened to get up off the couch to catch this parade on Halloween weekend…


Raging Bull?




Where’s the hot dog stand?







Ventura is famous for its thrift stores and while browsing through one we found an entire aisle dedicated to ReRun pet costumes. We once had a little devil costume for Carlos. He wore it once. For about one minute. I’m pretty sure it ended up in one of these shops. The little devil made me do it.

These dogs loved the HOWL-O-WEEN parade too. Just happy to be spectators. Happy HOWL-O-WEEN!!!!


Best in Show~Carlos, Marco, Annie, Lilli~Very Cute Even Naked


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