How Much Wood Could Woody Chop If…

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Carlos, my boss, helped prep and paint

I knew when I got one of these from Santa I’d be up to my knees in work. Darn Santa, I never asked for a new power saw. What were you thinking? I was looking forward to a new stand up paddle board. The Everglades and gators were on my wish list. Didn’t you get the postcard dude? You’re still in the North Pole, right?

I’ve put in every imaginable wood floor from soft pine, Pergo, a high-end Bruce floor, to this, a wood laminate floating floor. It’s been nearly 15 years and this engineered locking laminate flooring has come a long way. No more nailing, gluing, frustrating mismatched boards, this floating tongue and groove flooring is nice. I’m not saying easy, it’s just less hassle.

Don’t tell Hali this but I did not once use a tape measure until it came to installing the mitered molding (the trickiest part). No fumbling around with that tape measure. It’s true, you do measure twice. Once, the very first step, to get the dimensions of the room, and twice, the very last step, installing the molding.


The trickiest step, a step-up transition from wood to tile

Yeah, I was wresting around with the boards trying to snap them together all over the matted underlayment but once I got the groove, it was a snap. I remembered a few tricks of the trade, measuring boards (without the tape), the fudging of gaps next to moldings, things like that, but for the most part if you’ve got three saws anyone with healthy knees can do this.

Because my two other saws are in storage, I had to buy an undercut saw, and your everyday rip saw. The undercut saw for the undercutting of existing molding, the rip saw for ripping boards the power saw can’t. Pretty straightforward. Just let the tools do the work. You just hold the tool. The tool pretty much knows what it’s doing. Kind of like the toll taker. He takes tolls all day long. The saw, it cuts as long as someone’s holding it. And it will cut all day long as long as the holders knees are holding up.


Whadda Think Boss?

With new flooring, molding, and hardware, this room took two short days and about $350. This was middle-end flooring. Not that crap you get from that store one up from the Dollar Store, Floors r Us (Wal Mart). No, this stuff was engineered in the USA and made in China.

The floor I put in next week, I’m investing in a pair of those handy dandy dorky knee pads the flooring pros use. Ironically you’d think they’d keep them in the flooring department. No,  instead I found knee pads at sporting goods store right next to the skate and paddle boards.


Carli’s Finished Room

Thanks Santa for the thoughtful gift. Yeah, it wasn’t what I asked for, but with a new house and all it sure will come in handy. That SUP board and those gators are going to have to wait, but be sure, Santa, to check your list twice next year. And remind the elves when they’re putting that SUP board together, measure twice, cut once.

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