Hot Feet In The Hot Seat

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Did I ever tell the story of the time I moved Carli into her place in Anaheim and at the same time, as long as I was in Orange County, get a tour of Hali’s company’s headquarters?

Hali is was a very proud employee of her company and wanted me to get full run down on it’s operation. She had arranged for me to meet with her long-time customer service manager for a tour of the Orange County facility. The tour included the entire campus and as a bonus, the boardroom.

At one point in her 34 year career with First American, Hali had aspired to sit in the boardroom one day, only to relinquish her seat to me while on this tour. And I may have been the perfect fit. Let me explain. . .


First American Eagle

Picture this large, elegantly furnished room with high security cameras, photos of past and present board members of a Fortune 500 company lining the walls, and me with my less fortunate shoes.

As my guide schooled me on the history of the areas land titles, my shoes began falling apart. Not only was I sockless, the soles of my shoes were melting off. Okay, I’ll admit that sometimes I go commando, that’s no secret, and sometimes I wear shoes with no socks, but this time I had shoes that were losing their soles.

Almost simultaneously, my left, then my right sole melted off and without hesitation I kicked them under the historic boardroom table in front of me trying not to be noticed. We continued out of the boardroom. Holding back my laughter, I politely declined an offer for a FREE lunch and walked away bursting in laughter in my newly fitted moccasins.

Customer Service, ya gotta love those folks. As for the FREE lunch? No such thing. First American owes me a pair of shoes. I left my sole in the boardroom of First American. Both of them.

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