Hot Bologna

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Hot Bologna?

I’ve heard of hot roast beef, hot pastrami, and hot tuna, but hot bologna? Nope, never heard of it. All right, I’ve been to Bologna Italy and even though it was July there was no hot bologna. That’s right no bologna caldo. We settled and were craving Chinese. Imagine sweet & sour pork bolognese. I think we came up a few lira short on that bill. Shoulda stuck with just the sour pork.

Hot Bologna? Mmm…pasties…bologna pasties…mmm…FAMOUS!

Up here in Ely you can get hot bologna every Thursday at Zup’s market. Folks from all over Minnesota’s Iron Range line up every Thursday at Zup’s deli counter for a pile of hot bologna.

Hot Bologna Delivery~Ahhh~> Cute Doggie Likes Hot Bologna

It’s Friday so I missed out. Apparently they’ll ship this bologna all over the country~~~any day of the week. And that’s no baloney!

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