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Hali is bred from a family of accomplished artists and writers…

 Carlos' Paw Holding Down This Musty, Dusty, And A Little Crusty Letter.

Carlos’ Paw Holding Down This Musty, Dusty, And A Little Crusty Letter

We found these in a musty, dusty, crusty old box in the basement along with a stash of old hand-written letters. You know what those are, right? The thoughtfully written notes sent back home. Her grandfather was a prolific writer of these letters especially during war time where he served in the 1st Division of WWI. We happily donated those the Cantigny Museum just outside of Chicago.

But we’re at a loss for where to send these drawings…


Twister!Oh My!!

Hali’s father, Karl, was just six years old so we assume his older brother Rolf was the artist here. Uncle Rolf is a bit like these drawings~ a musty, dusty, and a little crusty old sailor. Remember Popeye the Sailor Man? It’s true, we affectionately call Uncle Rolf, Popeye. A very accomplished artist who sends a hand-drawn Christmas card every year. Typically it’s boats vessels in a harbor. Nonetheless, we’ve kept every card over the course of the years and look forward to Rolf’s card every year. Plus, it’s the only time I ever mutter the word vessel.

Lucky for us, next week Uncle Rolf, Popeye, is coming to visit and salvage these drawings. I’m hoping to buy Uncle Rolf a beer or three and tattoo an anchor on his forearm or on his vessel. His choice.


U.S.S. Popeye


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