Homecoming Princess

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When Carli was three she met Minnie Mouse. At six, she was brave enough to snap a photo with Belle. Sixteen years later, OUR little princess is coming home.

Beauty and the Pest

Beauty and the Pest

Last April Carli set off for the College Program at Disney World in hopes of landing a gig in entertainment. She wasn’t disappointed. She was ecstatic to learn she would work attractions in Fantasyland and even more thrilled to be working in Princess Fairytale Hall. Her job was to meet and greet guests then usher them to each princess where the guest would delight in the company of their favorite princess.

In July, she got the call she’d been dreaming of. After nearly two years of auditioning, Disney proclaimed Carli a member of the Disney Entertainment Family. Her dreams were all coming true.

Today she is coming home for a few days before the busy holiday season. She’s anxious for her tail-waggin’ dog Carlos, Dad’s home cookin’, and Mom’s non-stop huggin’. And in order to keep her smilin’ all day long…a visit to her dentist.


Best Fishes~From the Grotto

~~~and as an added bonus, some delicious West Coast sushi.


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