Holy Shirt!

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I’ve been wearing this red hoodie faithfully every Sunday during football season for 30 years. We affectionately call it the Woodie Hoodie.

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I got this as a gift back in the glory days of the NFL and as you can see is quite faded, has a few chicken wing stains, and simply doesn’t fit. Hali says it’s time for it to go.

We probably won’t be watching football on Sundays, won’t be eating chicken wings, and it doesn’t fit. However, that little NFL patch will fit perfectly on my pack so Hali had my blessing to cut out that decal and some Sunday this fall stitch that football-shaped patch onto my pack.


I’ll keep the memories of the old days with the Niners, Montana, Rice, Craig, Rathman, The Wersching Machine, stashed away on my classic pajama top in the wardrobe. The time will come for another Sunday when the Niners dynasty of the past rears its daunting helmet and I’ll be sporting that shirt again.

As for the hoodie, well, yes, it’s been blessed by a Pope and is holy but I won’t be wearing this on Sundays. Did I mention it doesn’t fit? It’s now at the bottom of the garbage can.

Long Live the 49er Faithful!

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