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Hodad~Definition: a non-surfer who spends time at beaches masquerading as a surfer.

Now, let’s flashback to the summer of ’79, the year I met Hali. Me and and a bunch of my friends rented longboards in Santa Cruz and went surfing for the first time(BTW, my only time).

A week later, with my folks outta town, me and these dudes had a party and invited that cute little blonde we had just met. Bring some friends, I insisted, all my “surfer” friends will be there. Hey, whatever works.

Turns out Hali wasn’t attracted to my surferness but it was my beach blonde hair and six-pack tummy. So the story goes…

Flashforward 35 years…

With the exception of a stand-up paddleboard and putting Carli through surf camp to surf in Costa Rica, I haven’t touched a surfboard since that memorable summer of ’79. Still have the hair which I like to call beach silver and the tummy too. Only now that tummy is more or less a twelve-pack belly.

Today we are in San Diego, the surf mecca of California, following the flip-flop steps of Guy “triple D” Fieri of Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives fame. Our first stop is the iconic Hodad’s. Home of the World’s Greatest Burger. Probably still won”t lay hands on a surfboard but instead wrap my hands(and mouth) around one of these~~~


Hodad Guy~ It’s Off The Hook!

And believe it or not, at Hodad’s, they’ve sold over 99 billion gazillion of these babies. So tomorrow, while pedaling around Pacific Beach, they may just sell a couple more of these burgers around lunchtime.


No Shoes~ No Shirt~ No Problem

If Guy Fiery* is a hodad, Woody could be considered a Hodad Guy.

Hodad Guy~Definition: a non-surfer who spends time in burger joints masquerading as Guy Fieri.

  • Big poster of Guy behind the counter.

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