Historic Cemetery

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One of the cool things I was dying to do in this classically historic town was to take a walk back in time through its old cemetery. Here in Apalachicola is the old Chestnut Street Cemetery. It’s here that the Coombs Family is buried. And it is the historic Coombs House B&B where we stayed while visiting the area. We could watch the few other cemetery visitors from our(the Coombs’ Family’s) front porch.


Buried within the wrought iron fence are the people that formed the rich history of Apalachicola: Civil War soldiers(both Union and Confederate), former slaves, Italian immigrants, the inventor of air conditioning, John Elton, steamboat captains, a world famous botanist. People from all walks of life who shaped this quaint little town which remains quite the same as it did in the antebellum period of the 19th century.


The Coombs Family

This walk through the the local old cemetery was a compelling way to pass away some time. A time to see a well preserved piece of history. A history lesson on the final resting place of the pioneers of Old Florida. Oh yeah, and to pay tribute to John Elton. I love that song Crockodile Rock. Rock & Roll LIVES!!


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