Happy New Year!

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Remember when you had the stamina to stay up until midnight on New Year’s Eve and party like it’s 1999? For us, those nights are long gone. Here is a sample of those celebrations from New Year’s gone by…

New years_0001 2For those of you paying attention, this was one of those occasions where shopping at the local thrift store for an outfit before going out was totally acceptable. We arrived at this club in San Francisco around 7pm before the crowds, and my first thought, We have to hang out here for five hours? 

After several drinks, my next thought was, It’s ten seconds until we bring in the new year?

Four…three… one… nine…eight…seven…six…ONE…Happy Birthday!!


New years

New Year’s Eve, Circa 1988

As the saying goes, Time flies when you’re havin’ FUN! Especially for us party animals.

Happy New Year!

Hats off ( AND Hands off, PAUL)  to another adventurous year~^~2016~^~

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