Neighborhood Haunted Houses

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We used to decorate for Halloween. Yeah, used to. That’s because we sold or donated to Fright Town the few boxes of stuff that we kept up in the attic: black lights, strobe lights, mannequins, rats, and spiders. Real spooky stuff.

Don’t get me wrong, I like Halloween. It’s just this giant blow-up yard decor that spoofs me. No scary skeletons, creepy spiders, or silly tombstones, just this giant inflatable cat. Nothing spooky. The owners of this BIG house thought they needed something BIG for Halloween so this is what they came up with?

photo copy

Scram BIG Cat

This little house is right around the corner and my style of spook: landscape covered in webs, GIANT spiders, bloody hands, scary skulls, tombstones, flying ghosts…BOO!

photo copy 3

Eew Spooky

Yeah, tonight I just may knock on this door with my hockey mask, chainsaw, and plastic pumpkin.

Trick or Treat!

We still have plenty of boxes of our Christmas decorations. That stuff won’t be be sold. Except maybe our BIG plastic Santa. And I know just the door to knock on.

Trick or Treat!!


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