Grover Beach~Come on In!

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The timing couldn’t have been better. We were visiting my mom and sister on the central coast of California in July when a work/stay opportunity knocked on our van door. My sister had just unloaded a tenant and at the same time had a procedure done on her disfigured, need of repair, bunioned foot. She has two dogs. One young and feisty, one old and demented.


Carlos’ monkey foot

This is not Lori’s foot, it’s Carlos’ repaired ankle-to-foot major repair. If this x-ray is hard to stomach, I can barely look at Lori’s foot without fainting. I know what it takes to stay off one’s feet. Four feet or two.

So how does Lori ready a downstairs living space for a new tenant, exercise her dogs. and maintain a normal daily schedule? Woody & Hali. Come on in! We’ve done all this before, many times. And with a discount on monthly rent, we moved in.

In less than a week, we’ve prepped and painted the downstairs “new” tenant space, nicely staged the rooms, and they look great. Fourteen Craigslist responses later and ten applications to mull over, Lori has come up with a new tenant moving in next month.

P1010880 (1)

Newly Improved

The lucky winner of this lovely newly improved downstairs apartment is a science teacher with a seven year old daughter. Both are looking forward to their new home and new schools which begin classes in two weeks. This opportunity for both Lori and us proves that timing is everything.


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