Grover Beach Assist

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For this gig, we were able to stay in the downstairs apartment which needed scrubbing, painting and move-in-ready for a new tenant. During our stay, we were accountable to a couple of vibrant dogs, and handled shopping & daily chores for our convalescing host. We rounded up a metal scrapper – first time that job ever took effort!, handled a couple CraigList items, managed yards and gardening.

The care of the dogs came easy for us as our dog Carlos quickly became part of the pack. Our daily walks, at times, felt as though we were puppet handlers: Bailey the puller, Abbey the wanderer, Carlos the slow poke. Often in need to untangle the puppet strings. This wouldn’t happen at the park though as Bailey would fetch the ball, Abbey wander, and Carlos shadow Woody as he chased Bailey chasing balls.

The feeding of the fish chore was a simple pinch of food twice daily. Cleaning of the tank was more complicated especially with the water conservation efforts of the household. When the tank became too green, it was time to clean. The “fish water” was recycled as houseplant water, and her prized orchids thrived. orchid, flower

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