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Grandpa must have taken you to the Ringling Brothers Circus.

My Dad took me. I loved it! This circus was fantastic! I still think of the elephants standing on each others backs and wondering what a burden it must have been for the poor guy with the littlest trunk at the bottom.

Those silly clowns scampering off the donkey cart and crowding into a telephone booth. That was hillarious! I remember that pink popcorn brick thing which tasted like monkey poop but my Dad made me eat it anyway while he shoveled handfuls of those chewy, orange, marshmallow peanuts into his Homer Simpson shaped mouth. Good times. I enjoyed the circus.

Puppy Pavlov and the Party Poopers

But the circus, The Greatest Show on Earth, has changed. No one is quite sure if it’s the weather, the economy, or just the mood of the crowd but most people think the characters in this latest circus were neither qualified or competent anymore to entertain us for four more years.

I didn’t see much of the last circus that came through town and apparently didn’t miss much. Most of my friends said it was too long and extremely vicious. The center ring featured a mean-spirited, temperamental elephant who snatched the ringmaster’s whip and began bullwhipping all the other elephants into submission. It was difficult for them to watch this cruel behavior.

Others laughed when the donkey cart full of clowns tipped over and caught fire when one of the clowns, Carlos “the clown” Danger, took a selfie with a young spectator causing a spark from his Samsung smartphone.

The whole show was a disaster. It wasn’t that great.

Hali and I hope sometime in the near future we will be able to take our grandchild to the circus. Back to the old times where the circus performers weren’t such bullies or clowns. Back to the times when the circus train came to town and we were excited to see The Greatest Show on Earth.

Until then, we’ll patiently wait until the disaster of the last circus sweeps up its mess and the auditions begin for some better performers. Let’s all hope we won’t be seeing the circus advertising posters pasted along Main Street America for a while. And most of my friends agree. . . a long while.


This elephant’s name~Bad Hombre

Sorry for the lack of photos. I’m terribly afraid I might be sued. . . or worse. . . groped by the nastiest elephant.




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