Graduation Celebration

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It was this month four years ago Carli graduated from high school. She enjoyed what has become her longest summer before beginning her college career at U of O. Well, her college career was short-lived as she finished just a year.

“Okay, what is your Plan B?” Always a bit unconventional she told us she wanted to take a GAP year. “A GAP year is the year after high school and before college and typically you go away and perform some sort of community service.” We explained. “Is the Disney College Program community service?” She asked. “Hmmm…?” We quizzically looked at each other.

“That’s Plan B and I’m going to Disneyland!”


Dreams DO Come True

After a year at Disneyland, she came back to Portland for a year of community college to catch up on some dance, theater, and even some math and history. Then I asked, “What are you going to do next?” With that sheepish grin of hers she said, “I’m going away to perform some sort of community service. I’m going to Disney World! I’ve been accepted to the Disney College Program in Florida!”

So the academics are still lingering on and the FUN continues. Her legacy also continues in the trophy case in the halls of Grant High. Right alongside the football and track legends is a large plaque with names from the dance team etched on gold plates dating as far back as the 1950’s. Go back four years, 2011 Dancer of the Year~Carli Pope.



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