Good-Bye Bahia Honda

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Figures the one time we make a campground reservation, we can’t keep it. As I mentioned before, peak camp season here in Florida is November-April. A local here let us know about the BEST state park in the Florida Keys-Bahia Honda. But he warned us it books up a year in advance. So I got bookin’.


Bahia Honda

Back in January, I went into the state park website and selected “next available campsite” at Bahia Honda. Bingo! One site left the first part of April. We’ll take it! We had three nights at the beginning of April. Looking forward to it.

Carli had set her vacation for that week. Yahoo! We’re gonna camp as a family again, including Carlos, in the Florida Keys. Bring the snorkel gear, sunscreen, and s’more fixings!

Two months later… CRAP! Turns out Carli needs her wisdom teeth out as soon as possible and the first part of April is the only time she can schedule the surgery. What a way to spend your vacation-with gauze in your mouth, four less teeth, and milk shakes. Good-bye snorkel gear and s’mores.


Florida Keys

The good news is we’re only out a $15 reservation fee, Carli’s dental insurance covers about a third, and Carli can recoup poolside at her own pool. Hello sunscreen. AND Hali and I can start planning the next leg of our road trip before it gets too hot. Already thinking of heading north towards the Great Lakes, via Ashville NC, then west to the Great Northwest.

And a few good words of wisdom~~~> The Florida Keys aren’t going anywhere. We’ll be back!~~~> Hello Hurricane Season.

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2 thoughts on “Good-Bye Bahia Honda

  1. Woody Post author

    Well, Carli has four less teeth and two chipmunk cheeks. Smoothies today. We were able to escape to the coast a couple days. Carli was our first “top-bunk” guest in the van. AND we did s’mores with peanut butter cups.


    Oh, poor Carli. Wisdom teeth are kind of a right of passage — everyone goes through it one way or another. Nice to have the family there for sympathy!


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