Giant Artichoke

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By Woody Pope

This little story reminds me of a Carli-ism from her early years…

Driving up to our local AAA office for maps and tour books, Carli asks me,

Why do they call this place aaaaaaaaaaah?

I recently submitted this short passage to the AAA Via Monthly Magazine as a favorite Road Trip stop:

Our family has taken several road trips along the coasts of Oregon and California. Last months featured snapshot of Highway 1 near Jenner, California reminded my of these trips. The sweeping landscapes that nearly fall off into the Pacific are breathtaking. A couple hours south of Jenner along highway 1, we’ll stop for lunch at the Giant Artichoke in Castroville. The deep fried artichoke hearts are a favorite as is the sampler plate. Next door you can pick up some fresh, local market produce and other snacks and supplies for the road down to Big Sur. Look for the Giant green Artichoke and the sign that reads ” Castroville The Artichoke Center Of The World”.

And our theme song***

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