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Not sure how many of you watch the Game of Thrones, but we got caught up in this HBO series last year. For three months, while staying with Carli in Florida, Hali and I binge watched the first six series’. I think it was episode six, A Golden Crown, when I got hooked. Hali was hooked from the start. Totally captivated.

Bathing Hall Real Alcázar

Baths at the Real Alcazar

We had just visited Seville, Spain and toured the Real Alcazar where some segments of the series were filmed, and from there, anything Game of Thrones piqued our curiosity. Protest in BarcelonaWhile walking all around Barcelona we would see posters and billboards with Jon Snow advertising something. It wasn’t until Hali saw a pop-up on her phone about some Game of Thrones exhibit. Smart phone? Indeed! It knew we were in town AND that we were “knee benders”. Knee Benders?? That’s right, fans of the Game of Thrones are oftentimes referred to as knee benders. Yeah, I know, you gotta watch the show. 

With most of the Barcelona tourists sights under our belts, this event sounded very cool. So we checked it out. We were there on the fourth day since opening its “global debut” and were a bit surprised how uncrowded it was. I’m guessing fans of the show were waiting for the reviews. 

Well, here’s our brief review

This was our chance to see the displays of authentic props, costumes, and sets used in the show. Since the final series had already been filmed, these show stopping wardrobes, iconic interactive sets, and hands-on exhibits are now open to the public. Impressive from start to finish. To imagine that these characters were wearing these beautiful costumes or defending themselves in honor with these props were stunning. 

The chance to brandish the Valyrian steel sword of Jon Snow as he did in The Battle of the Bastards or wield the sword, Needle, of Arya Stark as she did while serving the Many-Faced God in the House of Black and White.

Our opportunity to be a part and take in our favorite lords and ladies.

We were both pleasantly surprised. This wasn’t a cheesy House of Wax museum you’d see off La Ramble. No, this was the real deal. Real costumes, real Valyrian steel swords, real masks, and the actual Iron Throne you could sit on the very spot where King Joffrey ruled the realm. 

In the two months traveling we’d seen our fair share of museums: The Guggenheim, Dalí, Picasso, and the Beer Museum in Prague just to name a few. The Beer Museum was so interesting we went twice (Na zdraví) but this Game of Thrones exhibit was surely unforgettable.

Gift shop Prague Beer Museum, Na zdraví!!

Hali took probably fifty photos and I didn’t want to spoil this review by posting more than what may give away the final outcome of the who will rule the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros, so that you, you “knee benders”, can experience this traveling exhibition like we did.

Barcelona is the opening city for the Game of Thrones Touring Exhibition and we felt we were lucky to see it here. In a month, it will travel “beyond the wall” to another city. Perhaps yours. If so, go see it! You won’t be disappointed. Otherwise, you can patiently wait for series eight. Who will sit on the Iron Throne? Stay tuned. Winter is coming. . . 







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