From Walt Life to Salt Life

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Wow, it’s been a few weeks since our last blog post. So much going on, without much happening. Except that, we moved! Who does that in the middle of a pandemic? We do!

Carli & Devon are starting their new (lovey-dovey) lives while Carli navigates her job back with Disney. In the last handful of months we’ve been tossing around ideas for what our next step was to be.

What To Do?!

Mind mapping, vision boards, dart boards… we explored them all. We both agreed staying close to “the lovebirds” would be helpful since their wedding is 9 months away. We also agreed that buying a second home didn’t make sense – been there, done that. Hali was pulling for a van upgrade, something more self-contained. I thought, traveling during a pandemic? Yeah, that makes sense. Well, those ideas went nowhere.

We are all for taking leaps into the unknown, but with a year full of uncertainties – unprecedented and unpredictable – it’s no time to be galliVANting around this chaos. We chose a path of least resistance.

Salt Life

A little over a week ago we rented a U-Haul and hauled our belongings from the shadows of the Magic Kingdom, 70 miles east to a barrier island between the Indian & Banana Rivers and the Atlantic. A skinny strip of land just north of the famed Cocoa Beach known as the Space Coast.

Barrier Island

We have planted ourselves here for one year. I like to call it, Woody’s Salty Space.

The Salty Space

So Far So Good

We’re not in a retirement community, though this place has its share of retirees. Not many young families, but there are some, and as we figure out our routine, we’ve been meeting some of these neighbors from six feet away. There’s a small group Hali calls the Sunset Club – folks gather nightly on the association’s dock and watch the sun melt into the west. Just the other night we witnessed the drama of the Sahara “Godzilla” Dust Cloud, and you always have to look behind you – there’s often a spectacle happening there too.

From the same dock we have a good view of rocket launches – our first launch was last Tuesday.

Just about everyday we’re at the beach. Our bikes are loaded with the beach essentials and the two of us enjoy happy hour on the Atlantic side. For the time being, it’s difficult to imagine that getting old.

So, as this is a good year to stay close, enjoy the outdoors, and limit our travel, I think we’ve made a good decision. What I tell Hali: this was the most practical choice given the circumstances. She doesn’t agree with me all the time, but when she’s at the beach, she doesn’t argue. Right now, life is good.

About Woody

We are a couple who took the first step toward a life of traveling in May, 2015. Staying within the continental US, we amp'd the adventure-factor by traveling in a VW Vanagon, circa 1985. Our mission is to share irresistible and compelling stories conceived from this lifestyle of travel.

10 thoughts on “From Walt Life to Salt Life


    Sounds like a good plan. Save your energy for the next adventure when the coast is clear. Stay safe and healthy!

    1. Woody Post author

      Hi Sheryl~ We’re hoping to, at the very least, get the van out for a few mid-week getaways in the fall. Thanks for following.

    1. Woody Post author

      We’ll reevaluate next year. I hear time and time again people who have had these old school VW’s who have upgraded into something else, anything else. They suffer from sellers remorse. Then buyers remorse. Trying to avoid contagion. It’s a long year ahead, the Salty Space was our calling.

  2. Byllie Epperson-Webster

    I so enjoy reading about your adventures….you guys really know how to live life!

  3. John Stipan

    Love you Woody & Hali,
    It sounds like pure bliss to me!
    All that’s needed are lots of kisses!!
    Blessings Only,


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