FREE Chicken Wings For A Year! Wahoooooooo!

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We’ve been AAA members since 1979. That’s TRIPLE A, the automobile club. Despite being down to only one vehicle, we still renew every year. I guess we always feel comfort knowing they are at our beckon call. How many times in 35 years have we called for roadside service? Oh, maybe once every third year.

Hali’s first car was a ’61 VW bug. Cute car, no fuel gauge. She was always running out of gas. Then there was the time Hali and baby Carli were stranded on Super Bowl Sunday only to be rescued by AAA. Our 1992 Honda broke down, not once but twice, on the way home from Bend. Interestingly enough at the very same spot in the tiny town of Mill City. The last time we needed roadside assistance we had two adults, three girls, a dog, and the car piled onto the flatbed truck and were taken 90 miles to Portland by the pet friendly AAA driver.

What about the maps and highlighted TripTiks? Sure, we love a good road trip but we have Siri mounted on the dashboard. Do they even provide that service anymore? I’m not sure, but my favorite perk for being a member of AAA is their monthly magazine.

Well… guess who was featured in this months issue of VIA and won a year supply of chicken wings?


El Jefe(The Boss)

Though I’ll make no bones about the wings, a year of craft beer sure sounds better.











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