FrankenTHOR: Alive and Well

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There seems to be a real VW bus culture that’s alive and well out there. I recently parted out a couple useless functions of our van. The rear facing jump seat and the fridge. The bulky seat takes up way too much room, is heavy, and is unsafe-Gone! The fridge is bulky, takes up valuable storage space, and is less efficient than a Coleman cooler-Gone!

The guy who picked them up went on and on about his road trip adventures. My mailman shared a couple of his bus stories. An old hippie neighbor brought over photos of his bus of the ’70’s.

The iconic VW bus is a true conversation piece. Owners of these buses have a penchant for naming for their vehicle and they’ll carry on about its origin. Most of the talking points, however, center around breakdowns, mostly in the middle of nowhere.

This is Hali’s mom circa 1960 in a late 50’s model VW bus…The Bubble Bus…

bubble bus

Bubble Bus

Today this bus is considered vintage and a very desirable ride especially the “splitty” split front windshield. The fact that you could transport seven tie-dyed hippies to Burning Man in this bus make it appealing.

In the ’80’s, VW transformed their buses into vans. This is our van…FrankenTHOR…



The prior owner painted in fingernail polish on the front bumper its beastly name~THOR~

The old Norse name stuck with us but we wanted to make it personally ours. Our van has the body of a Vanagon, the head of a Westfalia, and the heartbeat(the engine) of a Jetta. There you have it~FrankenTHOR~

I’m looking forward to sharing our stories even if it includes the breakdowns in the middle of nowhere. After all, it’s an adventure and adventure runs in the family.

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