Forget Cyber Monday, My TV Is Up For Auction!!!

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Just a plug for this weeks musical production of Peter Pan LIVE! It’s on network TV so if you have a TV it’s essentially FREE. If you don’t have a TV come over my house on Thursday sometime before 8pm and we can watch it together. I like Peter Pan but the real reason I’m staying up to see this musical is to see Christopher Walken as Capt. Hook.

I’ve got leftover candy corn, some smoked oysters and a couple beers but most importantly it’s your chance to watch my TV. In a couple months, this beauty is up for auction. It’s wide, flat, and if you have cable has the capability to tune in 2.13 million stations. Current maintenance records and cords are available upon request.

I’m thinking that while watching Peter Pan LIVE  that this TV could just fly off the shelf so come on by and put in your bid.


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