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When Carli sees black and white photos of us she thinks,” You guys ARE old.” Our normal response, “Yeah, but we were young when that photo was taken.”

Here’s a young Hali…

20141018091249558_0001 2

Hali has always been focused and determined. This photo was taken way before Madonna’s Vogue statement and I’m pretty sure Hali is giving her Dad instructions on framing and focal point. No drama, let’s get serious.

Apparently Arne was a handful and a bit distracted as a kid. Just looking at this photo I can tell that’s a good assessment of Arne at this age.

Despite their characteristics being completely opposite, today both are quite successful and still completely opposite.

Our daughter Carli IS, plain and simple, a character. Maybe a trace of both Hali and Arne~ a colorful, free spirit with a flash of brilliance.

Here’s a young Carli…

IMG_0101 3

 Look Dad! No handed selfie.

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