Look Dad, No Flash!

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If Hali inherited a gene from her father, it was the photography gene. Yes, Hali has come down with the photo bug. At one point we had a closet full of cameras, photo accessories, film canisters, polaroids. In a time when most photo geeks were going digital, Hali resisted. Once she finally went the digital direction there was no turning back and that closet has been cropped down to just two cameras and a small bag of accessories.

I remember Hali’s Dad, Karl, as always having a camera strapped around his neck. His encouragement to Hali was to try unconventional ways to shoot a picture. He taught her to “experiment with your subjects, settings, and lighting.” Karl had an uncanny eye for the setting and his shots captured stunning candid pictures of local people living ordinary lives. Our walls are covered in photos Karl took, mostly while traveling.

Here are a few samples of Karl’s photos from the early ’50’s. Back when the photographer was smarter than the camera. A few key techniques Karl used to outwit the camera in these shots: no flash, correct lens setting, perfectly still.

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Karl Selphie~A Man Ahead Of His Time and Behind His Camera



Mirror Mirror…

So even in today’s digital age of photography, Hali has adopted the philosophy her father passed on to her when the photo bug struck. Unlike a flu shot, the only shot you take for the photo bug, is the one you take.


Local People Living Ordinary Lives~Germany

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