They Will Be Giants

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I used to wear this pin back in the 80’s during games at the cold, inhospitable home of the San Francisco Giants, Candlestick Park. Back then I was lucky to see them win. Year after year they’d lose nearly a hundred games a season and be at the bottom of the standings.

Will the Thrill

Will the Thrill

More recently, the Giants have been a top team in the league. In the last five years, they’ve been in three NL Championship Series and won two World Series. Oddly enough, on even years.

Last week, not only did they win the Wild Card game in Pittsburgh, they stole an improbable series against the top team in baseball this season by up-setting the Washington Nationals to advance in the postseason. And they’ve managed this without the bats and arms of several players from the regular season roster. Guys like Pagan, Morse, Cain, and ” The Freak ” Lincecum.

One more series win and the Giants will play in the 2014 Fall Classic. No, the Giants won’t be facing their arch rivals the Dodgers in LA. Instead, they’ll be playing the Cardinals in St. Louis and I’ll be wearing this shirt and my token Giants button from seasons gone by.

Woody the Oldie but Goodie

Woody the Oldie but Goodie

It IS an even year so I think the Giants have a chance. Go Giants Go! Let’s Go!!

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