Flashback Friday~Last Friday~#PDXBOIL Fiasco

Someone recently asked me if they can drink the water in Costa Rica. The question should be~> Do you drink bottled water at home, and if so, why would you NOT drink bottled water in Costa Rica?

Six of us were in Costa Rica Christmas 2006 for two weeks and frankly I don’t remember the drinking water being an issue. The coffee was very good, the food good(if you like beans and rice at every meal), and the beer was pretty bad but cheaper than bottled water.

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Now flashback to last Friday where Portlanders were advised to boil their tap water because a “very low-risk” ecoli strand was detected in the drinking water. Bottled water flew off store shelves, restaurants cleaned out their ice machines and brought in ice from Washington. The local farmers market had to throw out its hard earned produce . We even started filling our dog dishes with bottled water.

Fact is, 2 million people(roughly 670,000 people for 3 days) were drinking, cooking, washing lettuce, watering their dogs with this water for 3 days before the advisory went out. How many cases of ecoli were reported in area hospitals? Zero. How many reported or unreported cases of burns suffered while filling camp canteens full of boiled water before Memorial weekend? I don’t know, but I’m sure it was more than zero.

Good news is we had a relatively “safe” three day weekend on the roads: “Only”(yes, that’s the word the OPB reporter used) two traffic fatalities. Sadly, both fatalities were pedestrians. Does this mean I’ll have to wear my bicycle helmet while walking the dog on Portland streets? Of course not! But you can.

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