Fishing in Florida

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Maybe I’ve been here in the south too long. Perhaps I just got tired of catching so many fish. Maybe, just maybe, I’m simply bored stiff. Most likely the latter.

Reel Fishing

River Catfish

I’m also reminded of the Ben Franklin quote, Either write something worth reading or DO something worth writing. Not sure if either is the case but I promised Hali I’d come up with something. Ever hear about fishing with a magnet?

Pirate Fishing

I saw a fisherman on YouTube who claims to “catch” all kinds of treasures by simply attaching a magnet to a long nylon line and tossing it into the waters under his local dock. Thought I’d give it a try. We have our community dock and an abandoned hurricane worn dock just steps away.

So here we are, on our dock, fishing with a 500 pound-pull-force industrial magnet and a 80 foot line. The YouTube guy pulled up a BBQ grill from the lake at the park just down from his house, thought this might be a good spot. Hope this is my lucky day and pull up a lunker like that. Let’s give this thing a go!

I invested $25 on this magnet, line, carabiner combo so even if I come up with a hammer instead of a hammerhead, I’d consider this a good investment. Who doesn’t need another rusty hammer? That hammer might have put up a good fight but this rusty old crustacean encrusted iron chain was pulled up from six inches of sand. A fifteen pounder! What the heck, I came up with something. Definitely a catch and release.


Think I’ll stick with Reel Fishing.

Dolphin Sightings

We have on either side of us the Banana River and the Atlantic. Every day we walk both sides, a 3-mile hike. We see dolphins maybe 3 or 4 times a week and consider it a “lucky day” when we spot one. Super lucky if a manatee is floating by at the tiny park down the street.

Last week Flipper visited us on the very dock we fish from. Nice to see you again Flipper. When we see a dolphin this close, Hali calls it a special treat. I call it an early Christmas present. Welcome back Flipper.

They Call Him Flipper

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  1. Lois ST SURE

    Fun to read about your adventures. Your state needs to learn how to vote better however. California did better and even produced a vice president.


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