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Last year, almost to the day, nearly a month after we bought the van in Portland, I posted this…

Yesterday I fueled up the Honda for under $24. Here in SE Portland fuel was $1.89@gallon. With my Fred Meyer Rewards Card I received an additional 10 cents off per gallon.

The last time I paid $1.79@gallon for gas was way back in 2001 while on our road trip to Minnesota in a gas guzzling camper.

Looks like a good time for another long road trip. This time in our more fuel efficient VW van. What we once considered a decoration, the stand out red  gas can might come in handy after all. By the way, the horn is fixed and boy does it sound good. BeeP! BeeP!!



Three thousand miles and a year later, now in Florida, I took this photo while pumping gas. I wanted a photo of this pump before that sneaky gas devil ups the price overnight on the gas station marquis.

FullSizeRender 3

This is the lowest fuel price I’ve seen since last January back in Portland. The exception is that here there are no gimmicks like rewards points or that pesky  35 cent fee for using a debit card. It’s simply $1.78@ gallon. I filled up Carli’s little Honda for under $20.

Since discovering Thor runs better on a higher grade fuel, a well spent couple dollars more for filling him up will keep him healthier.

Thanks in part  to western diplomacy in the middle east (Iran), that sneaky gas devil just may be challenged in a fuel duel by the fuel fairy by LOWERING the price overnight.

Well, Whadda ya know, after writing this a year ago and then updating again last week, fuel prices dipped on my last trip to the pump to below $1.70. The fuel pump fairy is working her magic. Must have waved her magic wand in the direction of that sneaky gas devil.

Looks like a good time to take another summer road trip. Thor is up for it. That is, after we give him a blood transfusion, or in Car Talk, an oil change.

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